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The Magic Touch of Massage

By on February 6, 2018 in health

Have you ever had a massage? Chances are you have gotten a shoulder and neck rub from your partner, but those don’t count. We mean have you ever received the magic, relaxing touch of a professional? When properly executed, a massage from a qualified massage therapist can provide a great relief from pain and considerably improve your quality of life. Millions of people swear by this therapy and benefit from it on a regular basis.

Massage therapists relieve more than just stiffness and pain. Their talents can also be used to assist with the following:

Mental Health

People suffering from anxiety find it extremely difficult to relax. That leads to knotted and sore muscles. If your body is in an unhappy state, your mind almost inevitably follows suit. Massage relaxes those tense muscles allowing the whole body to relax. When your body is at rest, it’s easier for a person’s mind to get out of those endless anxiety loops and calm down.

Improved Sleep

Ever try to sleep when you are feeling tense and/or your muscles are sore? Not too easy, is it? A good professional massage will leave your body in a relaxed state more amenable to a good night’s sleep.

Better Exercise

Do you stretch before performing your favorite sporting activity? It’s a great way avoid muscle pulls and strains. Massage is even better for relaxing those muscles. It may seem odd to get a massage before you get down to business, but many professional athletes swear by it.

Keep Your Body Functioning Well

Do you sit at a desk for the most of your work week? That lack of activity can cause knotted, sore muscles, particularly if you are in front of a computer and typing. Massage therapists regularly relieve neck and shoulder tension in office workers (and they are very grateful for that!).

If your massage therapist lets you choose your own music, we recommend the following for your next session:



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