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How To Help Someone With Dementia

By on December 28, 2016 in health

With dementia on the rise, it is very uncommon to hear of anyone who doesn’t know someone afflicted.

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It is a group of diseases that none of us wants to get to know, but many of us will. Whether it’s a family member or ourselves, dementia will touch us. The most common of the dementias being Alzheimer’s, most people have some idea of what this illness is.

My mother passed away after a decade-long illness with dementia. There was nothing easy about this experience for any of us, most especially her. She knew something was happening to her brain and it terrified her. What she needed at that time and in all the years since, was care and compassion and to be assured that she would be comfortable, safe and loved.

When it became clear that she would be best cared for in a long-term care facility, my father moved her in along with her familiar, most-favoured belongings. We got through each step in the process together and with the help of the care home community. And again, while there was nothing easy about this, what made it better was the support of my mother’s caregivers. Friendly smiles, connection, acknowledgement of this trauma in our family.

Over the years, some of my mother’s closest friendships disappeared. Friends were unsure what was causing her mood changes and they didn’t know how to ask. It still hurts to think about, but I also realize the enormity of telling a friend you’ve noticed worrying changes and want to know how to help.

If you know of someone who has been diagnosed with dementia, here are some ways you can help them:

  • Stay in touch: A brief, regular visit will help your friend or family member feel loved and comfortable. Even if they are no longer speaking, they are still seeing and feeling. Show them familiar photos or tell stories about favourite memories.
  • Music: Almost everyone loves to listen to music. For the person in your life who is affected by dementia, sing, play music, and, if their care home provides it, take them to a musical performance. If their care home doesn’t already have a music program, why not suggest one?
  • Reach out: The family will be going through many emotions over the course of their loved one’s diagnosis and illness. Reach out to them. A quick phone call or a cup of coffee will keep them encouraged and feeling remembered.

The best way you can help someone afflicted with dementia, is by reaching out. No matter how you choose to do it, let them know you care.


How To Prevent Weight Gain?

By on December 9, 2016 in health

After 30, weight gain can be a big concern for many of us. Unlike when we were young you can’t eat anything you’d like without getting fat. We tend to try different exercises routine, drinking juices for detox,  diet pills, while restricting our caloric intake.

A new research by the universities of Exeter and Bristol has found that repeated dieting may lead to weight gain because the brain interprets the diets as short famines and urges the person to store more fat for future shortages.

woman dieting

This may explain why people who try low-calorie diets often overeat when not dieting and so don’t keep the weight off.

By contrast, people who don’t diet will learn that food supplies are reliable and they do not need to store so much fat.

The study, published in the journal Evolution, Medicine and Public Health, looked at how animals respond to the risk of food shortage by gaining weight, which is why garden birds are fatter in the winter when seeds and insects are hard to find.

Dr Andrew Higginson, Senior Lecturer in psychology at the University of Exeter, says: “Surprisingly, our model predicts that the average weight gain for dieters will actually be greater than those who never diet.

“This happens because non-dieters learn that the food supply is reliable so there is less need for the insurance of fat stores.”

With the rising rates of obesity, scientists are looking for evolutionary reasons to explain why many find it hard to resist overeating.

For centuries humans have lived in a world where food was sometimes plentiful and sometimes scarce.  What researchers found was that in the latter case those with more fat would be more likely to survive.

Today, people often go through severe diets  which only convinces the brain it must store ever more fat.

The researchers’ model predicts that the urge to eat increases hugely as a diet goes on, and this urge won’t diminish as weight is gained because the brain gets convinced that famines are likely.

“Our simple model shows that weight gain does not mean that people’s physiology is malfunctioning or that they are being overwhelmed by unnaturally sweet tastes,” says Professor John McNamara, of the University of Bristol’s School of Mathematics.

“The brain could be functioning perfectly, but uncertainty about the food supply triggers the evolved response to gain weight.”

So how should people try to lose weight?

“The best thing for weight loss is to take it steady. Our work suggests that eating only slightly less than you should, all the time, and doing physical exercise is much more likely to help you reach a healthy weight than going on low-calorie diets,” Dr Higginson says.

Parents Taking Care Of Parents

By on March 1, 2016 in Family

CaptureAs we all know, family is so important.  That’s why we really need to reinforce how important it truly is to take care of your family.  When I had a baby, it was probably one of the most stressful times in my life.  However, I’ve found that throughout the years, the most stressful time might possibly be when I have kids to take care of and parents to take care of.  My dad passed away when I was quite young, and I remember it being a very difficult time in my mother’s life.  Now, being a young parents of two kids under the age of 5, having my mother get sick is just creating so much unwanted stress on my family.  Yes, my husband is great and takes care of our kids and my mother all the time, and I’m so thankful for that.  But having to juggle kids, work, and parents is sometimes just a little bit too much.

My friend eventually told me of a service that care for seniors right at your home.  This means that I can leave the house, drop my kids off at preschool, and go to work without having to worry about if my mom is doing okay home alone.  Basically, this service provides home care for your loved ones and they’re able to stay with them at home while you’re away.  This definitely helps my life a lot because it’s not so much the taking care of my mother that stresses me out, it’s more the worry of leaving her at home by herself.

I’m so grateful for services like these because without it, I don’t know if I would be able to adjust my life properly and still be able to do everything I do.  My family is very thankful for our caretaker.  She’s amazing and extremely professional.  My mother sure likes her a lot too as well as the kids.  It’s definitely one of the best agencies for at home care in our region.  I no longer have to rush home from work or not be able to take my kids to their swimming lessons at night.  I’m able to cook dinner for my family and spend more time with my kids, husband, and mother.  It’s so great to be able to count on someone and them have your back.

A Closer Look At Child Care Centers

By on October 16, 2015 in Family

Of course the cleanliness and maintenance of the center need to be of critical importance to the administrators and the staff. It might be easy to ascertain this from the surface, however this should not avoid you from examining further. Does the center have a set schedule for sterilizing their devices and cleaning the children’s products and toys? Does it have a policy for sick children or a treatment for administering medication? A child getting ill needlessly must be a parent’s least concern.

Licensing policy specifies that moms and dads can see their children anytime. If they are looking for a Las Vegas child care center, for instance, they must be enabled to go into and observe the centers. Likewise, if you wish to see your child for whatever factor while he is at the center, the staff ought to let you in anytime.

When you’re inside the center, it is simple to see if your child is getting quality care. A few of things you must observe consist of crying children, noise levels, and the entertainment facility supplied. If children are simply wandering about aimlessly, then don’t expect your kid to find out anything. A good Las Vegas childcare center ought to inform children and encourage them to communicate with each other.

Just When You Thought You Had Heard It All…

As you can see, there are lots of factors to consider to look into when finding a Las Vegas child care center. In some cases, it might not even be about the service provided; it is about how comfortable your child feels in the day care.

However, there are differing opinions about child care centers

What discipline technique does the center employ? Look for one that enhances positive habits instead of that which penalizes a child for bad habits. This can scar a child for life.

Child Care Centers?? More Considerations

Talk to the center’s childcare workers. Do they really have a positive outlook in life? A natural desire to make a positive effect in a child’s life is an excellent character quality. One ought to also have a proactive method in child rearing and discipline. These qualities can absolutely influence a child.

Thinking About Family History Research

By on October 10, 2015 in Family

While many family traditions and elements of history have fallen by the wayside, there is one practice that is still popular today. Many individuals are choosing to display a coat and buy of arms or crest that was made use of to determine members of a particular family. A traditional kind such as a plaque or signet ring is still a preferred choice however other families are choosing to embroider their crest onto their clothing or utilize more contemporary techniques of showing their family’s worthy heritage.

While people no longer need a way of recognizing themselves in fight, family crests and coats of arms are still popular today. A a great deal of people are becoming thinking about their family or genealogical history and a crest or coat of arms is directly associated to this. It can be greatly intriguing to check out how specific devices and decorations were earned and exactly what an individual’s ancestors performed in order to get the right to develop a crest or coat of arms.

It is also simpler to discover info on a family history than it has actually remained in the past. Now, individuals can research their family history and find out more about their ancestors online. They might even have the ability to find an illustration of their family crest or coat of arms by examining specific websites. Deciding to show your family’s coat of arms or crest is a terrific method to continue a tradition that has been around because the twelfth century. It can likewise be bied far from one generation to the next so that future members of the family are able to feel proud of their ancestors and their achievements.

Values For Child?

By on October 5, 2015 in Family

Years back, parents made use of to impart their values into their children by drumming them in their heads or perhaps paddling their bottoms in hope they remember proper habits. Society has evolved. Parents have actually discovered that raising kids with solid values is easy, if done in a kinder and gentler fashion.

It s the time when a child s concepts, values and character have actually been shaped up. For the correct advancement of a child, Shemrock follows the world-class Shemrock system of preschool education, designed by Dr. (Mrs.) Arora. It highlights on the total advancement of a child; psychological, psychological, physical and moral. Hence, Shemrock stands among the best play schools in Delhi.The environment of Shemrock wonderland provides a feeling of dreamland as a child enters its facility. The use of contemporary audio-visual devices helps in creating the interest of the young children.

Every parent should learn how to efficiently boost their child’s self-confidence. Great deals of moms and daddies state things such as ‘You’re the best’, You’re so amazing’ or perhaps ‘You are absolutely ideal’. Although these compliments may appear to be a great method to let your child understand how you feel at the time, you’re child’s mind picks up that you exist making them happy.

It’s best to tell your children that everyone isn’t a good person so they need to check with you prior to speaking with any grownup. This will certainly reinforce the parent child relationship by teaching them to trust your judgment.

Let’s Continue This Analysis

Let’s face it. Most children go into panic mode when somebody else touches among their toys. This is a regular response. It isn’t really easy being a parent to a child who chooses not to share. You will certainly need to teach him that sharing is an advantage to do.

An easy method to teach about sharing is by travelling to the library. The library not just helps parents to enjoy books however your child will also find out about sharing books and toys with others in the Children’s Room. The capability to share is an useful tool that he will use all of his life. Your trips to the library will also enhance the parent child bond. Bonding is important for raising kids who are well-adjusted and pleased people.